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Sunday, 2 August 2009

blog articlesWriting an article for your blog is very easy to do. You can freely choose a theme and keywords that you like. In addition, you can develop your own style of writing, because in fact there is no specific criteria for blog writing . This is whay you choose to write in your blog, isnt it ?

In addition to create the valuable title for your blog articles, of course, the content will determine the quality of your article. Imagine, if you blog visitors who have been interested with your the articles title, then dont get what they are looking for. Of course they will be disappointed and leave your blog shortly. This will make you lose the opportunity to improve your number Alexa Rank.

• The Beginning part of Article
The beginning of your article is the part that you must specify. Of course you should make a reader interested to forward their reading. You can start with questions, or a statement that invites a sense of your visitor. But dont be too long, so you can make balance with the content of your article.

Do not forget to insert your keyword at the beginning of the article. Remember that the beginning of your article will become a kind of summary of your article. Some of the lines between them will be displayed on the search engine result page. So try to make a 2-3 first line as interesting as possible.

• Content part/ Articles Content
On the content of the blog article, you will have opportunity to develop your own style of language, and also your own word choice. Dont forget to pay attention to plot of any posts or dramatics description in your article. There are good ide to think about aspects of the surprises, tension, and a closing of the article. This is often forgotten, but it's good to develop this dramatics, to make your blog visitors endure, and open the other page of your blog .

It is important also to keep attention to the existence of keywords in your article. It is a good idea to use the facilities of "the word count" so you know the word that most often present in these articles. Also need to give emphasis on certain words by using the bold, italic or underline tags. Emphasis will be useful to attract the search engine.

• The Ending part of Article
This section is often considered less important. However, there is a good idea to create a fun ending of any posts. Few conclusions or recommendations, of any posts you make will be more valuable. You can also take advantage of the end part of your article to promote your other article, so readers interested to opening another page of your blog. Of course, it's better if a related article.

Now, you can see, that to write a blog article is not a difficult thing. Basically the same with the other creative writing, but more easier. You can develop your own style of your blog articles. Or even, it will develop its own appropriate by time. It is a good idea also to read tips for writing a blog article, so you know more , and finally write your own tips.

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