Create Ebook and make money from your blogs

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

creating eBooksIf you have finished making a simple tutorial on your blog articles, you may be able to make it become your blog monetize. One way that you can choose is to create ebook, then you can sell it by your own, or you can upload it to the program that pay you to share files. Ebook is one of the most outstanding online products, and including of the top two products that most demand sale after the software.

So, making eBooks is your opportunity to make money from your blog.Of course you only need to know some ways to create ebook, or at least know the process of making an ebook. There are various format of eBooks that can be used, among Adobe PDF, executable (exe), Plain Text (ASCII), Microsoft Word (doc), RTF, HTML, XML, and Help (Hlp).

eBooks with PDF formatted
Of all the eBooks format options, PDF format is the most widely used. To create PDF eBooks, you can use a lot of software, among the most popular is Adobe Acrobat. But you can also use directly add-ins of MS Office 2007. If you are online, you can also use online services such as software that provided by

Of course the first thing you have to do is prepare your tutorial file become an interesting sequence. Then you can add some screen shots to be more easily understood. If it finished, the next step to do is make your file to a PDF file.

eBooks with EXE formated
There are also eBooks formated as EXE file, which can be made using the software that easy to use but powerful enough as Ebook Pack Express. This software can be downloaded at: You can use this software by following the tutorial that you can find at variety of blog articles. Just search them by using search engine.

Completed the eBooks with Cover
Next step is the need to create an Cover image of your eBooks. This work you have to do to make your eBooks more attractive that look professional. You can create one with CoreDraw, or with Photoshop. This Cover will be useful to attract the visitors of your blog, to buy or download the eBooks that you have created.

Upload your eBooks
Then of course you have to make your eBooks file as an online files. You can do this by selecting a different file hosting sites on the Internet. I recommend you to choose, because you will be paid for each file that downloaded.

Promote your eBooks
Well, this is also important, namely to write ads for your eBooks. Of course this is important so that your merchandise sold. You can buy ad links, create a site-specific, or can also write a brief review of your eBooks and install it as your blog article. Don’t forget to complete it with the download link.

Well, if everything is finished, you just wait for the results live from the eBooks you create. Certainly be better if you make your eBook ad with more incentive. Of all the ways of the eBooks, using the free service from possible could be easier option. Don’t have a account yet? Please register now with only click the banner below. Happy trying…

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Preparing Your Blog for the Paid Review Program

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I believe that you interested to earn some money from paid reviews. Indeed, paid review is the most reasonable opportunity to get money online if you are happy to write and have little time to do so. Of course, the first thing you must do is sign up at some paid review program. There are so many paid review program on the internet, you can select them according to your taste.

But do not too hurry to sign up for the paid review. Give your attention to some factor that could be your barrier, so that you have not disappointed because your blog is not approved. Each paid review programs have the terms and conditions. However, you may notice some of the most common terms and conditions of them, like the following:

Main language
Average paid review program only accepts the English language blog. Indeed, there are several programs that receive the blog with another language. But, your blog will categorize as a special blog. So, better if you just register your blog that using English as main language.

The number of post
The average of paid review program only receive a blog with a certain minimum number of articles. Usually ranges between 20 to 30 articles. I recommend that you use a larger number. Keep that you only register your blog which has at least 30 blog articles.

The Blog Age
Be patient to load the article in your blog. Dont be tempted to copy and paste articles of others, to fill up 30 article. Because you will not be able to deceive the age of your blog. The average program paid review only receive a blog with the minimum age of 2 to 3 months. So, just do regularly posting. If you do it once in three days, then you already have 10 articles in a months, and 30 articles in three months. Enough to meet the requirements of the first and second.

The Alexa Rank
Paid review programs only accept a blog that have much visitor, of course. They use the Alexa Traffik Rank as a benchmark. It's also any of them that not discuss the number of Alexa, but you will have problems with the order of your review, you will only get slightly. So, its better if you make your blog have below one million of alexa Rank first, before registering them to paid review program.

The Page Rank
Some Paid review programs also use Page Rank as a benchmark. Blog with a Page Rank of course have a greater chance to appear on search engine result page (SERP). Therefore, you should register your blog that have at least the first PageRank. It's good you learn about how to improve PageRank and how to apply a simple SEO.

Okay, that's just my notes about the paid review program , hope can be benefit.

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Writing a Simple Tutorial is your blog investment

Monday, 17 August 2009

simple tutorials
You can choose to write a simple tutorial to complete your blog, in addition to writing tips and writing news. To create a tutorial is to provide basic techniques for doing certain things. Typically, a tutorial is intended to help those who are still beginner in a field, or to provide guidance in implementing a technique. For example: technique of basic HTML or to use computers software.

There are so many the internet visitors who search for tutorials each day. Various tutorials have the opportunity to visit by internet visitors, including that loaded on a blog. Typically, tutorials that was published in the blog article is related to computer software, or about blogging itself, but it will not be closed even though to another possibility. But of course, a tutorial that is provided through a blog articles, is a simple tutorial. You may not discuss thoroughly about the use of “Photoshop CS” on a single blog article. But it may be discussed on “Disabling Images Background with Photoshop CS”.

Concise and sequential
Of course, the internet visitors don’t expect a long tutorial. So, try to make it in the concise. Certainly, too, a tutorial should be sequential, consisting of the steps in the sequence of things. No matter if you making it in the language of teaching, because the fact is you are taught something. And this can save you some word in the description.

Avoid technical language
Although you are providing a technical guidance, but wherever possible, Avoid technical language. For, not necessarily of a tutorial you know or understand as you understand it.

Complete with Screen shot
To make your tutorial become more understandable, it's good if you complete it with screen shots. You can do this by taking a picture from your computer layer. A simple way to create screen shots, is to open the page you are doing and hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This will capture what is on display at the RAM in your computer.

Then open the image editor, such as the Paint program. After the Paint program opens, go to Edit then select Paste. Video images will appear in your windows. That is a picture from the "Start Bar". You can change this picture after saving it as jpg, or what you like. Then, open this image with the image editor, such as Microsoft Picture Manager. As you edit, save in. Now stay put in your blog articles.

Okay, do not be afraid to make a simple tutorial as your blog articles, because there will always be a need. Lets Try.

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Writing the news for your blog

Saturday, 15 August 2009

news on blogAre there people who write the news in their blog? the answer is: yes, there are! Then will a visitor selects to read a news on blog articles rather than from a portal news site? I dont think so if the news is exactly the same with that was published in the portal site. Yup, because the portal news sites have many options of news and clearly more accurate, because they have journalist.

Then, is it impossible to write the news as a blog article? For me, the answer is yes its posible, if we know how to distinguish our news on blog with the news on the portal news site. Although we are using the same online media, but blogs and news sites clearly have a different character.

Different Location
Events that occurred in your city may not necessarily be loaded by the national news portal site . This news may be that you can write in your blog. But be careful, you may need to see that there are universal values in the news. A neighbor who dead by car accident may not need to be write, because its happens every minute in all parts of the world. At least we see some different values with another accident.

Different Languages
If you write in English, every news that has been written in the national news portal site in the local language, you can write back. However, you should tell back the news with your own way, so that you dont solely be just a translater.

Different Point of View
You may be able to write the news again, albeit in the same language, if you have any views, opinions, or even private approach to the news. This is a special character of the blog. You are free to mix your opinions with the facts, and not need to fuss with the journalism code of ethics. I prefer this last option.

There may be many other options, which can be a reason to write the news on our blog. May be more interesting if we know the characters of the news. You can add a point for me. Please ...

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Dont stop writing Tips

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

If you notice any posts on the internet, maybe you will find many words that shaped as tips. Various tips for different areas have been written by the online writers, I think from the first time since the internet exists. Reasonable, because many visitors of the Internet, specifically search for any tips that could make teir work easier, or even make their lives more meaningful.

Then, will we stop writing tips? Will we all need to think that the number of tips on the internet is enough to answer the various needs of visitors. Yes, if you wish to just copy-paste the tips of others. But not, if you have any tips that you created based on your personal experiences. Because a tips, is something that personal and therefore does not have "enough".

Internet visitors can find many tips on effective blogging, or even how to write a good blog article. But it isnt necessarily to use them all, or not even one of them. The tips will be useful for an online visitor, if they are feels appropriate with the tips, reasonable, and can do it.

Therefore, dont ever stop writing tips as your blog articles. Keep to post all tips that you have in your blog. You can write many fields of work and life as your tips. Cooking tips, travel tips, teaching tips, speaking tips, sports tips, healthy living tips, and much more. The most important, create a tips that come from your own experience. This is important, so that the tips are unique and different, and closer to everyday life.

Happy writing tips!

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How to Make Some Money with a Blog writing

Monday, 10 August 2009

money from blog writingMany people start blogging to earn money. The question is, can your blog make money for you? The answer is Yes! Of course if you know how to do, and how to find the most appropriate for you. There are many ways of course, but I am more interested to discuss money that related to blog writing.

• Paid Review Program
Write a paid review has been provide additional money for some bloggers. Of course you need to know the requirements. There are many paid review options that you can follow, depending on the agreement and your willingness to meet the requirements of the blog asked. Alexa Rank, Page Rank, number of blogs posts and the blog age is a standard requirement that will be required. `

Mode of this works is that you will be requested to write a review. The request will be submitted by the broker to your email address. Something that need to be reviewed can be a product, software, website and others. Usually you will be prompted to install some of the anchor text in your review that associated with a particular website. If the review is completed, you will report them to the broker site. Broker can review, and if you are considered eligible, you will be paid through a virtual bank.

• Create E-Book
You can also make money by writing an e-book. Of course you must search for an interesting topic. Usually, the e-book that related to a simple tutorial of technology is the tune. Not closed with the possibility of writing tips make money on the internet.

You can also sell directly by your self, make sure the ads first. But you can also sell it with the paid to share files program. You live to upload the e-book you make on a kind of broker like Ziddu. And you will be paid each time a visitor of internet download your e-book.

• Being a Referral

Almost every paid program on the internet provide compensation for a referral. All that you have to do is to write a review about the paid program. Write an article that makes the visitor of your blog interested to follow the program. You will be paid each time your blog visitor register through a referral link that you recommend.

• Freelance Writer Job

There is also the website that connects the writers with the freelance writing searched. O-desk is one of them. There many opportunities available for your writing. Usually in lots of number. For example, you will be asked to write 100 articles about blog writing. Not the same with the paid review, you will not be paid for your review, because you will not be put any posts your own blog, but sent to the customer.

Well, now you know how to generate some money by writing in the blog. By now,it's up to you to choose which one most suitable for you. Previously, know more about each way above, eg what the minimum requirement for the paid reviews program. Next, depending on your business, do not believe there is easy money by writing on the Internet, everything need persistence. But there is nothing that impossible.

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Tips for Writing Blog Articles

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How do I write a good blog article? This is a common question asked by blogger or beginners, just like me. There is no answeare appeared that have a fully fit for everyone. Every blogger has a different standard of writing for himself. Good for a blogger, not necessarily good for the others also.

But perhaps we can together develop some principles of writing a blog article based on common sense. Stay positioned our self as a blog reader, so that we know what is the readers expected of. This tips, I make with my positioning myself as a visitor and try to find articles that match with some specific keywords:

• Concise and clear blog articles
Internet visitors are busy people and want to get fast. Therefore they may not like too long article. So, i recommend a blog article that can be read with a time not more than five minutes. If its calculated average by ability to read and understand, then that means a blog article should only revolve around 300 up to 500 words.

You can use some software to counting the word of your article. But in enough time, it will become habits. This habit will also be useful when you follow the paid review program. Many customers want a simple review and not a review that is too long.

• Pointer blog Articles
Description that is too long will make readers spend an important part of an article. Therefore, make some point that is easy to know as the important parts of an article. Its no problem if you ever need to explain any points, during the main points is clearly.

Use of this points, will also help you to develop each paragraph of your article. Not only that, pointer lets you focus on the discussion of your articles and plan a framework of any posts, the same as when you develop a scientific article.

• Blog Articles with Ancor Text
Do not forget to sign keyword in your article. This is can you do with the tag b, i, and u. It is a good idea, you help the reader to understand some of your important keywords, with the anchor text. Anchor text will bring them to another page with the article which gives an explanation of the word concerned. Of course, dont make it too much. Each article may be enough if there are two or three anchor text only.

• Blog Articles with another Related Articles
Anchor text can also use to recommend your other articles that related, or even a series of your articles. Care for your readers, provide reference and reading suggestions. Recommend the article that will help them.

But clearly, writing articles for your blog is a fun job. Should not let yourself be laden by this job. Fill it with the relaxed and delicious. That was my first tips. Let your mind and your fingers free. One time, you will have the criteria of a good blog article with your own version .

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Writing articles for your blog

Sunday, 2 August 2009

blog articlesWriting an article for your blog is very easy to do. You can freely choose a theme and keywords that you like. In addition, you can develop your own style of writing, because in fact there is no specific criteria for blog writing . This is whay you choose to write in your blog, isnt it ?

In addition to create the valuable title for your blog articles, of course, the content will determine the quality of your article. Imagine, if you blog visitors who have been interested with your the articles title, then dont get what they are looking for. Of course they will be disappointed and leave your blog shortly. This will make you lose the opportunity to improve your number Alexa Rank.

• The Beginning part of Article
The beginning of your article is the part that you must specify. Of course you should make a reader interested to forward their reading. You can start with questions, or a statement that invites a sense of your visitor. But dont be too long, so you can make balance with the content of your article.

Do not forget to insert your keyword at the beginning of the article. Remember that the beginning of your article will become a kind of summary of your article. Some of the lines between them will be displayed on the search engine result page. So try to make a 2-3 first line as interesting as possible.

• Content part/ Articles Content
On the content of the blog article, you will have opportunity to develop your own style of language, and also your own word choice. Dont forget to pay attention to plot of any posts or dramatics description in your article. There are good ide to think about aspects of the surprises, tension, and a closing of the article. This is often forgotten, but it's good to develop this dramatics, to make your blog visitors endure, and open the other page of your blog .

It is important also to keep attention to the existence of keywords in your article. It is a good idea to use the facilities of "the word count" so you know the word that most often present in these articles. Also need to give emphasis on certain words by using the bold, italic or underline tags. Emphasis will be useful to attract the search engine.

• The Ending part of Article
This section is often considered less important. However, there is a good idea to create a fun ending of any posts. Few conclusions or recommendations, of any posts you make will be more valuable. You can also take advantage of the end part of your article to promote your other article, so readers interested to opening another page of your blog. Of course, it's better if a related article.

Now, you can see, that to write a blog article is not a difficult thing. Basically the same with the other creative writing, but more easier. You can develop your own style of your blog articles. Or even, it will develop its own appropriate by time. It is a good idea also to read tips for writing a blog article, so you know more , and finally write your own tips.

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