How to Make Some Money with a Blog writing

Monday, 10 August 2009

money from blog writingMany people start blogging to earn money. The question is, can your blog make money for you? The answer is Yes! Of course if you know how to do, and how to find the most appropriate for you. There are many ways of course, but I am more interested to discuss money that related to blog writing.

• Paid Review Program
Write a paid review has been provide additional money for some bloggers. Of course you need to know the requirements. There are many paid review options that you can follow, depending on the agreement and your willingness to meet the requirements of the blog asked. Alexa Rank, Page Rank, number of blogs posts and the blog age is a standard requirement that will be required. `

Mode of this works is that you will be requested to write a review. The request will be submitted by the broker to your email address. Something that need to be reviewed can be a product, software, website and others. Usually you will be prompted to install some of the anchor text in your review that associated with a particular website. If the review is completed, you will report them to the broker site. Broker can review, and if you are considered eligible, you will be paid through a virtual bank.

• Create E-Book
You can also make money by writing an e-book. Of course you must search for an interesting topic. Usually, the e-book that related to a simple tutorial of technology is the tune. Not closed with the possibility of writing tips make money on the internet.

You can also sell directly by your self, make sure the ads first. But you can also sell it with the paid to share files program. You live to upload the e-book you make on a kind of broker like Ziddu. And you will be paid each time a visitor of internet download your e-book.

• Being a Referral

Almost every paid program on the internet provide compensation for a referral. All that you have to do is to write a review about the paid program. Write an article that makes the visitor of your blog interested to follow the program. You will be paid each time your blog visitor register through a referral link that you recommend.

• Freelance Writer Job

There is also the website that connects the writers with the freelance writing searched. O-desk is one of them. There many opportunities available for your writing. Usually in lots of number. For example, you will be asked to write 100 articles about blog writing. Not the same with the paid review, you will not be paid for your review, because you will not be put any posts your own blog, but sent to the customer.

Well, now you know how to generate some money by writing in the blog. By now,it's up to you to choose which one most suitable for you. Previously, know more about each way above, eg what the minimum requirement for the paid reviews program. Next, depending on your business, do not believe there is easy money by writing on the Internet, everything need persistence. But there is nothing that impossible.

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