Preparing Your Blog for the Paid Review Program

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I believe that you interested to earn some money from paid reviews. Indeed, paid review is the most reasonable opportunity to get money online if you are happy to write and have little time to do so. Of course, the first thing you must do is sign up at some paid review program. There are so many paid review program on the internet, you can select them according to your taste.

But do not too hurry to sign up for the paid review. Give your attention to some factor that could be your barrier, so that you have not disappointed because your blog is not approved. Each paid review programs have the terms and conditions. However, you may notice some of the most common terms and conditions of them, like the following:

Main language
Average paid review program only accepts the English language blog. Indeed, there are several programs that receive the blog with another language. But, your blog will categorize as a special blog. So, better if you just register your blog that using English as main language.

The number of post
The average of paid review program only receive a blog with a certain minimum number of articles. Usually ranges between 20 to 30 articles. I recommend that you use a larger number. Keep that you only register your blog which has at least 30 blog articles.

The Blog Age
Be patient to load the article in your blog. Dont be tempted to copy and paste articles of others, to fill up 30 article. Because you will not be able to deceive the age of your blog. The average program paid review only receive a blog with the minimum age of 2 to 3 months. So, just do regularly posting. If you do it once in three days, then you already have 10 articles in a months, and 30 articles in three months. Enough to meet the requirements of the first and second.

The Alexa Rank
Paid review programs only accept a blog that have much visitor, of course. They use the Alexa Traffik Rank as a benchmark. It's also any of them that not discuss the number of Alexa, but you will have problems with the order of your review, you will only get slightly. So, its better if you make your blog have below one million of alexa Rank first, before registering them to paid review program.

The Page Rank
Some Paid review programs also use Page Rank as a benchmark. Blog with a Page Rank of course have a greater chance to appear on search engine result page (SERP). Therefore, you should register your blog that have at least the first PageRank. It's good you learn about how to improve PageRank and how to apply a simple SEO.

Okay, that's just my notes about the paid review program , hope can be benefit.

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