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Saturday, 15 August 2009

news on blogAre there people who write the news in their blog? the answer is: yes, there are! Then will a visitor selects to read a news on blog articles rather than from a portal news site? I dont think so if the news is exactly the same with that was published in the portal site. Yup, because the portal news sites have many options of news and clearly more accurate, because they have journalist.

Then, is it impossible to write the news as a blog article? For me, the answer is yes its posible, if we know how to distinguish our news on blog with the news on the portal news site. Although we are using the same online media, but blogs and news sites clearly have a different character.

Different Location
Events that occurred in your city may not necessarily be loaded by the national news portal site . This news may be that you can write in your blog. But be careful, you may need to see that there are universal values in the news. A neighbor who dead by car accident may not need to be write, because its happens every minute in all parts of the world. At least we see some different values with another accident.

Different Languages
If you write in English, every news that has been written in the national news portal site in the local language, you can write back. However, you should tell back the news with your own way, so that you dont solely be just a translater.

Different Point of View
You may be able to write the news again, albeit in the same language, if you have any views, opinions, or even private approach to the news. This is a special character of the blog. You are free to mix your opinions with the facts, and not need to fuss with the journalism code of ethics. I prefer this last option.

There may be many other options, which can be a reason to write the news on our blog. May be more interesting if we know the characters of the news. You can add a point for me. Please ...

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