Writing a Simple Tutorial is your blog investment

Monday, 17 August 2009

simple tutorials
You can choose to write a simple tutorial to complete your blog, in addition to writing tips and writing news. To create a tutorial is to provide basic techniques for doing certain things. Typically, a tutorial is intended to help those who are still beginner in a field, or to provide guidance in implementing a technique. For example: technique of basic HTML or to use computers software.

There are so many the internet visitors who search for tutorials each day. Various tutorials have the opportunity to visit by internet visitors, including that loaded on a blog. Typically, tutorials that was published in the blog article is related to computer software, or about blogging itself, but it will not be closed even though to another possibility. But of course, a tutorial that is provided through a blog articles, is a simple tutorial. You may not discuss thoroughly about the use of “Photoshop CS” on a single blog article. But it may be discussed on “Disabling Images Background with Photoshop CS”.

Concise and sequential
Of course, the internet visitors don’t expect a long tutorial. So, try to make it in the concise. Certainly, too, a tutorial should be sequential, consisting of the steps in the sequence of things. No matter if you making it in the language of teaching, because the fact is you are taught something. And this can save you some word in the description.

Avoid technical language
Although you are providing a technical guidance, but wherever possible, Avoid technical language. For, not necessarily of a tutorial you know or understand as you understand it.

Complete with Screen shot
To make your tutorial become more understandable, it's good if you complete it with screen shots. You can do this by taking a picture from your computer layer. A simple way to create screen shots, is to open the page you are doing and hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This will capture what is on display at the RAM in your computer.

Then open the image editor, such as the Paint program. After the Paint program opens, go to Edit then select Paste. Video images will appear in your windows. That is a picture from the "Start Bar". You can change this picture after saving it as jpg, or what you like. Then, open this image with the image editor, such as Microsoft Picture Manager. As you edit, save in. Now stay put in your blog articles.

Okay, do not be afraid to make a simple tutorial as your blog articles, because there will always be a need. Lets Try.

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