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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

creating eBooksIf you have finished making a simple tutorial on your blog articles, you may be able to make it become your blog monetize. One way that you can choose is to create ebook, then you can sell it by your own, or you can upload it to the program that pay you to share files. Ebook is one of the most outstanding online products, and including of the top two products that most demand sale after the software.

So, making eBooks is your opportunity to make money from your blog.Of course you only need to know some ways to create ebook, or at least know the process of making an ebook. There are various format of eBooks that can be used, among Adobe PDF, executable (exe), Plain Text (ASCII), Microsoft Word (doc), RTF, HTML, XML, and Help (Hlp).

eBooks with PDF formatted
Of all the eBooks format options, PDF format is the most widely used. To create PDF eBooks, you can use a lot of software, among the most popular is Adobe Acrobat. But you can also use directly add-ins of MS Office 2007. If you are online, you can also use online services such as software that provided by

Of course the first thing you have to do is prepare your tutorial file become an interesting sequence. Then you can add some screen shots to be more easily understood. If it finished, the next step to do is make your file to a PDF file.

eBooks with EXE formated
There are also eBooks formated as EXE file, which can be made using the software that easy to use but powerful enough as Ebook Pack Express. This software can be downloaded at: You can use this software by following the tutorial that you can find at variety of blog articles. Just search them by using search engine.

Completed the eBooks with Cover
Next step is the need to create an Cover image of your eBooks. This work you have to do to make your eBooks more attractive that look professional. You can create one with CoreDraw, or with Photoshop. This Cover will be useful to attract the visitors of your blog, to buy or download the eBooks that you have created.

Upload your eBooks
Then of course you have to make your eBooks file as an online files. You can do this by selecting a different file hosting sites on the Internet. I recommend you to choose, because you will be paid for each file that downloaded.

Promote your eBooks
Well, this is also important, namely to write ads for your eBooks. Of course this is important so that your merchandise sold. You can buy ad links, create a site-specific, or can also write a brief review of your eBooks and install it as your blog article. Don’t forget to complete it with the download link.

Well, if everything is finished, you just wait for the results live from the eBooks you create. Certainly be better if you make your eBook ad with more incentive. Of all the ways of the eBooks, using the free service from possible could be easier option. Don’t have a account yet? Please register now with only click the banner below. Happy trying…

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Yes, I completely agree with your opinion. I think that such videos are very helpful and informative. Besides, they help students with the study. Follow the link Thank you for sharing.

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